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Hats over the wall…Are you all in?

The Urban Dictionary defines “Hats over the wall” as when you throw your hat over the wall, you’re committing to doing something. The phrase is derived from what you would do before you climb over a wall – you throw the hat over to the other side, so it doesn’t fall off while you are climbing.

The Irish author, Frank O’Connor, told the story of two boys who, tasked with bringing in the apple harvest, found their way blocked by an imposing stone wall that was too high and too difficult to climb. Completing their task seemed impossible. As one of the boys turned away in despair, ready to quit, the other grabbed his hat and threw both of their hats over the wall. “Why’d you do that?!” exclaimed the boy. To which the other replied, “Because now we have no choice but to scale the wall. We are now fully committed. We are going to harvest that orchard!”

I, your pastor, along with the members of the stewardship committee, ask you to prayerfully consider making a stewardship commitment for Bering’s future. That commitment includes a financial and a service commitment that will look different for each of us, based on our differing gifts and abilities.

What we are asking for is an “all in commitment” that, for you, represents throwing your hat over a wall that, but for God’s help, might seem unscalable.

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