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Tell Us Your Reasons Why – the Legacy Continues

Tell Us Your Reason Why…

The year 2018 marks 170 years of Bering’s witness to the Good News in Jesus Christ that ALL are welcome and celebrated. No exceptions! Bering is planning a“170 Reasons Why” celebration for the fall. (Date TBD) We will invite our immediate Bering family, as well as anyone who has been touched through the years by Bering’s witness or who wants to know more about us and our stance for full inclusion for ALL people.

In the meantime, we need your help letting the whole world know why Bering Memorial United Methodist Church and its witness matters.

Over the next three months, you are invited and asked to invite others, to reflect on your reason why Bering matters. We hope to collect over “170 Reasons Why” and then display them in an artistic and informative way so that we can share those reasons with each other and the world.  Think about your reason why….” in one of the following ways or in some other way that works for you:

  • Why Bering matters to me.

  • Why I come or came to Bering.

  • Why Bering changed my life.

  • Why I want people to know about Bering.

  • Why Bering’s witness matters.

  • Why Bering is a game changer.

  • Why….

Once you figure out your reason why, use your imagination and share the details:

  • write something: a paragraph, SHORT story, letter, poem, song, news article, prayer …

  • create a piece of art: a drawing, painting, small sculpture, collage…

  • choreograph a short dance or body prayer…

  • your reason might be a person who brought or introduced you to Bering…

  • use your imagination and go for it….

  • (We ask that you keep the writing, art, picture, etc. to a page or something you can take a picture of on a page or video in a SHORT clip – 3 minutes or less.)

Submit your reason why to the church office, 1440 Harold Street, Houston, TX 77006 or by email to no later than August 1, 2018,
so that we have time to put them together in a booklet or other medium to share.  We will unveil the finished product at the “170 Reasons Why” event in the fall.  Let’s have fun with this and get as many people involved as we can – yes, include your children!  Don’t worry about us receiving more than 170 reasons – we will make it work – the more the merrier.

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