Bering United Methodist Church

The Cross of Growth

Bering Cross

The Cross of Growth


The “Bering Cross,” designed by Rev. Myers Curtis, represents the faith and hopes of the people of Bering Memorial United Methodist Church.  It has become the visible reminder of the presence and ministry of this community of faith in the city of Houston.  It appears on our church sign and all graphics and is worn by our liturgists and choir. We call it the “Cross of Growth.”

The cross in the center is open-ended, symbolizing an openness―openness to the way of God, the limitless extent of God’s love, openness of the people of Bering to the exciting challenges of the future into which the Spirit is leading us.  It also resembles an intersection―symbolic of the city “where cross the crowded ways of life.”  And the cross is adorned with four green leaves, representative of growth―the growth of individuals, the growth of the Kindom of God―and of the four Gospels, the records of our Lord’s teaching and the good news we celebrate.

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