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Second Blessings Sale


Our “big event” happens twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. These two events are HUGE rummage sales.



You don’t have to wait for the big events to find great bargains: Second Blessings’ resale items can be seen most weekdays and many Saturdays. Since we never know when we’ll be out and about picking up more gently-used treasures, please call for an appointment to be sure someone will be on campus to assist you.




Over 25 years ago—to help offset a budget shortfall—Bering decided to have a rummage sale as a component of our annual Spring Festival. The call went out to the congregation to gather up all their unwanted, unused, and otherwise unneeded but gently-used “stuff,” and the first sale was born.

As a result of its success, the rummage sale was separated from Spring Festival and made an event of its own. During the last 25 years, we have not only raised money for the church, but have also provided a helping hand to hundreds of people in need. Now requests come from people who know that Bering’s doors are open to those who need help starting over: case workers with service providers such as Bering Omega Community Services, the Bering Support Network, counseling centers, and other organizations, and teachers whose students have critical needs.

Among the many items given away is a wide variety of health equipment. From crutches to wheel chairs, portable bathroom equipment and even an occasional lift chair, these items are never sold, but given away.

People from all over the Greater Houston area join our neighbors in Montrose in looking forward to the bargains they can find at the sale, and the welcome they receive while they are on our campus.

Donate Items to Second Blessings

Second Blessings receives donations from church members, their friends and families, antique dealers, and estate sales. A faithful crew of tireless volunteers works year-round collecting items for the spring and fall sales. Please make an appointment for drop-off to be sure our volunteers are on campus to receive your donations.


Contact Second Blessings at 713.526.1017

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