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Rev. Troy Plummer Treash – BSN, the AIDS Crisis, Bering Community Services, gay weddings, the funerals, his ordination as a gay pastor at Bering, and RMN

*Video courtesy of Gregg and Rene Farris

by Becky Jones

Rev. Troy Plummer Treash came to Bering as a young man who had been told by his parents that he was not good enough to go to church.  On Mother’s Day in 1983, he sat on the second to the last pew with friends…waiting for the moment that he would be rejected.  It didn’t come.  In fact, a grandmother, Eva Tune, said, “You boys be good and come back next Sunday.”  And, he did!

Thank goodness that he did come back!  Rev. Treash’s story will take you through his years beginning as a parishioner, the AIDS crisis, Bering Support Network, Bering Community Services Foundation, his ordination as a gay minister at Bering Memorial UMC, officiating at gay weddings, the funerals, and Bering’s membership in Reconciling Ministries Network.  There was so much need, so much work to be done. “There was a point in time where we got overwhelmed.  But, we trusted in God.  We got up again…and we kept going,” said Rev. Treash.  His words still beat in the heart of Bering.

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